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BODYART Improvement BODYART Improvement Ismaning/Munich 2020

BODYART Improvement

There are many Instructors who have taught BODYART for many years and completed several BODYART modules. These instructors want to move a step further to differentiate themselves. But what is the secret?  What makes you as a coach so unique? How can you strengthen your trainer personality and presence and set yourself apart with your self-confidence, competence and empathy skills?

As a preparation for the BODYART Elite exam (with its required pre-requisites) or if you are already a licensed BODYART Elite Instructor the Module BODYART Improvement will help you to achieve this success.

Prerequisite: International BODYART Elite Instructor and BODYART Instructors, who would like to prepare for the Elite Exam. Min. 1-2 years of BODYART teaching experience and successful completion of the four classic Level II modules: Contact I, Dynamic, Flow and Stretch

Duration: 2 days


In this module, you will work with your knowledge of BODYART Basic, Contact I, Dynamic, Flow and Stretch, your specific verbal teaching skills, your body language, your own technique, your voice, your facial expressions and your communication with the participants. Teaching habits (patterns, favorite words and filler words) are rooted out  and broken down by you.

This module will set YOU apart in YOUR personal development and presence as a BODYART Elite Instructor and take YOU to a higher level!

This module is bookable now and the number of participants is limited!


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25.04.2020 - 26.04.2020