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BODYART PRT (Prevention, Reha, Therapy) BODYART PRT Mannheim 2020

BODYART PRT (Prevention, Reha, Therapy)

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor, additionally – not binding but helpful - BODYART Contact and BODYART Function

Duration: 2 days


Many people have doubts about taking part in a BODYART lesson, due to physical complaints or age or they are afraid to fail. It is our job as an instructor to enable these people the participation in a BODYART training.

In order to appropriately help and accompany these people we have developed the module BODYART PRT (= prevention, rehabilitation, therapy)

The module BODYART PRT covers with the special field of physical deficits or restrictions due to illness. This module shows how specific positions and modifications of the sun salute and many other BODYART exercises make it possible to instruct and integrate these people into a BODYART lesson. By using special tools classic BODYART exercises are altered according to the requirements and are adapted exactly to suit muscular dysbalances. The module BODYART PRT comprehends theoretical and anatomical units to help the BODYART Instructor to define and perform exercise sequences.


TV 1877 Waldhof Mannheim e.V.
Boehringerstr. 5
68307 Mannheim



29.02.2020 - 01.03.2020