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In 2015 Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis launched the BAX concept (now BODYART Xross) a brilliant training concept, which recognized a new direction in the fitness industry, tailored to the well perceived needs and wishes of many trainers. In this intensive training, two important components of training could ideally be combined - concentric and eccentric control of the musculature including the fascial structure.
The emphasis on holistic performance training proved successful but the concept continued to be developed and new elements were incorporated including data from ongoing neuronal research. BODYART Xross (pronounced: BODYART cross) takes BAX training to the next level. BODYART Xross picks up any open minded, physically fit or psychologically challenged individual and regardless of strength or flexibility helps to bring each to their personal physical limits - outside and inside - and re-defines those boundaries.
The philosophy of BODYART Xross is to combine effectiveness and mindfulness in a short time. On the one hand, it is the perfect balance training for every competitive athlete and, on the other hand, the ideal entry point for every recreational athlete in performance training. 
What exactly does that mean? Yang stands for power and EXTERNAL (outward) training. Yin stands for INTERNAL and includes myofascial training and working the muscles in the extension (strength in length). BODYART Xross is the first training that trains the whole spectrum of the human body through the philosophy of yin and yang.


BODYART Xross bridges the gap between physical training and psychological stress limits. Breathing (and thus its importance) is placed in the foreground and creates a synergy of physical and psychological performance. The carefully thought-out structure of the exercises, allows the possibility to store new neuronal movement patterns, thereby creating new impulses for movement.

BODYART Xross offers the possibility to incorporate more participants with different training levels in one class, making it ideal as a group fitness program or training.


An already successfully completed basic education in the fitness area including anatomy and physiology

Interest in medical contexts
Willingness to work concentrated in theory and practice
physical and mental fitness



2 days in total


Cost of education

398,00 Euro (including 19% VAT)
The price includes the course fee and the manuals.



Aktivpark Gilching GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 5
82205 Gilching
+49 8105 23838



09.11.2019 - 10.11.2019