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BODYART Xross BODYART Xross Ismaning/Munich 2021


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

The development in 2015 of BAX (=BODYART Xtreme) by Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis signaled a new direction in the fitness industry and delivered an ingenious training concept tailored to the needs and requirements of many trainers.
The intensive approach to training brought together two important components of physical training - concentric and eccentric control of the musculature, including the fascial structure. The development of a holistic performance training concept was successful, but the development did not stop there. Ongoing analysis showed that there was much more that could be changed and improved in the neuronal area.  With BODYART Xross we have taken BAX training to another dimension.

BODYART Xross can take any open-minded sports enthusiast and improve their level of physical and mindfulness regardless of their strength and flexibility. The philosophy of BODYART Xross is to combine effectiveness and awareness within a short period of time. On the one hand, it is the perfect balance training for every competitive athlete and, on the other hand, the ideal entry point to performance training for every recreational athlete.

What does it mean exactly? Yang stands for strength or performance and EXTERNAL (outward) training. Yin stands for INTERNAL and includes myofascial training and the work of the muscles in the extension (strength in length).
BODYART Xross bridges the gap between physical training and the psychological stress limits. Breathing (and thus its importance) is put in the foreground and thus a synergy of physical and mental performance or overall performance increases.
Because of the methodology and sophisticated structure of the exercises, new movement patterns in the neurons are more easily stored and new movement impulses can be established.

(Practice and theory)

  • Two masterclasses
  • Learn the structure of a BODYART XROSS class (warm-up phase, yang phase, transition phase, yin phase, recovery phase)
  • New exercises for the individual phases
  • Explanation and understanding of the myofascial lines
  • Special verbal instruction for teaching
  • Structure of different BODYART Xross classes
  • Intensive personal training

BODYART Xross allows you to integrate even more participants with different training levels into your class which makes it ideal as a group fitness program or training.

Target group:
All trainers who want to bring effectiveness and mindfulness into their classes and who want to combine the components of endurance, mobility and active control of the fascia into one class.



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BODYART School International
Gutenbergstr. 8
85737 Ismaning
+49 89 67339008



22.05.2021 - 23.05.2021
(Course times:
Sat: 10:00-17:00
Sun: 9:00-16:00)