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Mobility Training Mobility Training

Mobility is once again the hottest topic in the fitness and training world. Mobility above all means the ability to move freely and easily! With so much debate and discussion regarding functional training or fascia training it is ever more important to make the distinction between joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

It is clear that mobility and flexibility of the muscles and joints is undoubtedly of great importance. A fascia line can only be fully activated if all joints are able to move freely. Functional training is therefore limited, when individual joint structures are blocked and the range of motion is limited. In this workshop, we focus more on the flexibility of the joints and less on the flexibility of the muscles. Breathing plays an important role here. With the right breathing technique (control) you can create space in the joints or strengthen the bone structure. This module gives you the skills to teach breathing and movement with a focus on improving mobility.


Mobility Munich 2019

Location: Ismaning / DEU

Price: 398,00 EUR


11.05.2019 - 12.05.2019


Steinheilstrasse 6
85737 Ismaning
+49 89 67339008