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BODYART School Summer Event 2021

Open Air Summer Celebration in Mannheim

Let's celebrate Summer, Community and LIFE together! Where? At our Open Air Summer Celebration in the grounds of TV Waldhof Mannheim! 

We will enjoy a full day of BODYART, DEEPWORK and more with local heroes Daniela Pignata Mantziaris, Janni Giannikakis and Jannie Lindeque!

Let’s train together, re-connect, laugh, recharge our batteries and feel re-energised!! 

(see our programme)


And in the breaks you can chill, enjoy a picnic in the sun or in a shady spot and catch up with good friends!

Back to LIFE! We can’t wait to see you SOON!

By the way: If the weather doesn't cooperate - no problem - our event will then take place in the beautiful, light-flooded hall of the TV Waldhof!


TV 1877 Waldhof Mannheim e.V.
Boehringerstr. 5
68307 Mannheim




99,00 EUR

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