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The BODYART School Convention

YES! It's that time again!!! In just a few weeks, our ZEN_2021 in Gilching near Munich will be back in full swing. Either LIVE on site or via LIVE STREAM. We are so excited to share many magical ZEN moments with you!

The ZEN Experience is unique because we are unique! The energy, the passion, the love for BODYART, DEEPWORK, HEALTH ACADEMY and WARRIOR V as well as our shared belief in the positive effect of all our concepts on body and mind is what unites us. Training together, sweating and above all having fun are in the foreground this weekend!
Whether you are a fan, instructor or trainer you can experience 12 high-energy classes in the Master Hall with the best Master Trainer team in the world! For our BODYART School Instructor Community our Category 1 price offers you a great programme of workshops and classes on a range of interesting topics to give you new motivation and inspiration for your classes!
THIS is the experience we can't wait to share with you!

ZEN_2021 Highlights

Team: Robert Steinbacher, Alexa Lê, Virginia Winsemann, Daniela Mantziaris, Janni Giannikakis, Jannie Lindeque, Dr. Fabian Allmacher, Thomas Berghoff, Remo Stefanic, Christian Gasch and many more...

  • 12 BODYART and DEEPWORK Class on stage in the Master Hall like
    • BODYART New Exercises, Meridian Workout, Element Power, Core + Balance...
    • DEEPWORK Best of Variations, Cario Boost, Neuro Athletic Impuls...
  • 16 BODYART, DEEPWORK and HEALTH ACADEMY classes and workhops in the Training and Workshop Lofts
    • BODYART Yin Variatinons, Power of Breathing, Xross Myofascial...
    • DEEPWORK Swing Variations "to go", Neuro Athletic Impuls N.A.I., Basic Power...
    • HEALTH ACADEMY burn-OUT Prevension, Qi Moves HPT, Mobility Flow...

... and many more! The final program with all the details will be published on October 1st.

This year our price offer is as follows:
  • 17.09. - 30.09.2021 - Early Bird Booking - 15% discount on the regular price
  • from October 1st, 2021 - Regular Booking - regular price
  • During the regular price phase we will be holding Special Booking Days with a 10% discount on the regular price. Stay tuned for more info and check out our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram regularly!)
The Booking Categories and prices are as follows:
* LIVE in Gilching *
  • Category 1 - regular price € 349.00 - Master Hall and training and workshop lofts
    • IMPORTANT: This category is only bookable for BODYART School Instructors and trainers and only for both days of the convention!
    • BODYART Instructors can extend their license with this Category. Conditions apply - attendance at minimum 2 Masterclasses in the Master Hall and 2 Workshops in the training or workshop loft per day!
  • Category 2 - regular price € 179.00 - Master Hall - Saturday and Sunday
  • Category 3 - regular price € 119.00 - Master Hall - only Saturday
  • Category 4 - regular price € 119.00 - Master Hall - only Sunday
  • Category 5 - regular price € 74.90 - Master Hall Saturday, Sunday and available ON DEMAND forever and whenever you want to enjoy the ZEN again! Click here to go to our LIVE streaming platform
    • Please either register for a new account or log in to your existing profile. Then follow the further instructions! Info: the profile on is not linked to your profile on For technical reasons, a connection between the two websites is unfortunately not possible. Thank you for your understanding

YOU love the "ZEN" and YOU know that the program will be MEGA? Then click the corresponding RED BUTTON and book your ZEN Experience with our Blind Booking deal! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The countdown begins .....!


Aktivpark Gilching GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 5
82205 Gilching


27.11.2021 - 28.11.2021

CATEGORY 1 - Master Hall and Training- or Workshop Lofts (2 days)

27 - 28 November 2021 (Saturday/Sunday)
Prerequisite: BODYART license or DEEPWORK certification or BAX certification

*Special conditions for BODYART License Renewal. Your BODYART License will be renewed with confirmed attendance at 2 Workshops and 2 Masterclasses perday.  Please make a note when you book that you would like to take this option.


349,00 EUR (Normal)
296,65 EUR (Early Bird, Valid until 30.09.2021)

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CATEGORY 2 - Master Hall Saturday and Sunday (2 days)

27 - 28 November 2021 (Saturday/Sunday)
Prerequisite: none


179,00 EUR (Normal)
152,15 EUR (Early Bird, Valid until 30.09.2021)

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CATEGORY 3 - Master Hall Saturday (1 day)

27 November 2021 (Saturday)
Prerequisite: none


119,00 EUR (Normal)
101,15 EUR (Early Bird, Valid until 30.09.2021)

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CATEGORY 4 - Master Hall Sunday (1 day)

28 November 2021 (Sunday)
Prerequisite: none


119,00 EUR (Normal)
101,15 EUR (Early Bird, Valid until 30.09.2021)

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