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BODYART Spirals BODYART Spiral Poland 2023


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

Spiral movement is part of our DNA. Natural impulses from our movement system compel us to perform spiral movements daily, often unconsciously. When we wake up and stretch in the morning, when we are sitting for a long time and then find a release in moving our body in different directions or playfully when we are dancing, the human body is full of spiral structures and patterns that allow us to move efficiently and with ease.
It is the quality of movement that is the focus of this training. You will learn to perform and teach known and new BODYART exercises with the basics of the spiral principle. The result is a powerful uprightness in the body and a vitality through the increased space created in the body.
Content (practice and theory):

  • two master classes
  • how to build a spiral
  • how to apply the spiral movements to well-known BODYART exercises
  • application of the spiral movements in new BODYART exercises
  • specific verbal instructions/ cuings to optimize the classes
  • practice session to improve your own technique

Deepen and link your previous knowledge and accumulated experience as an instructor with new movement fundamentals. 
You can beautifully integrate the building blocks of this course into all your classes and optimize your posture yourself. 
Begin to understand movement and posture on a whole new level.

Target group:

All BODYART participants


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21.04.2023 - 22.04.2023


Marta Tymoszewicz-Bednarz Atelier-Fitness Coaching-Design
Ul.Walońska 9/153
50-413 Wrocław