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burn-OUT burn-OUT Mannheim 2020


Stress and exhaustion are an inevitable fact of modern life and the demands placed upon people can easily lead to burn out. This innovative Burnout Workshop adopts a holistic, body-centered approach to managing stress that focuses on the revitalizing forces of movement and breathing in combination with mental reflection processes.


Completion of an education in the Fitness area or an affinity with Movement principles.  
Interest in the connection between physiology and energy. 
Be willing to work in theory and practice.


2 days in total

Costs of education

398,00 Euro (including 19% VAT)
The price includes the course fee and the manuals.

With Janni Giannikakis and Thomas Berghoff


Mannheim (Gro├čraum)
0 Mannheim/Ludwigshafen


11.07.2020 - 12.07.2020

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