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+++ IMPORTANT INFO, before you can book a DEEPWORK workshop +++

Scenario 1: You are a DEEPWORK trainer (via IFHIAS) and you already have a profile on our website? Then we just need you to confirm this by sending us an e-mail to: and we will activate you as a DEEPWORK trainer in our system.

Scenario 2: You are already a DEEPWORK trainer (via IFHIAS) and you don't have a profile on our website? Then we ask you do the following - Step 1 -> create your personal profile on our website (you will find this under the drop-down menu Sign in – please click on Register and complete all the necessary data. Step 2 -> send an email to: to let us know that you have just created your profile as DEEPWORK trainer and we can then activate you in our system.

Scenario 3: You are not yet a DEEPWORK trainer, but you already have a profile on our website? Great, then log in and have fun booking your DEEPWORK Basic training!

Scenario 4: You are not a DEEPWORK trainer and you don’t have a profile on our website? Then WELCOME, we are pleased that you are interested in the BODYART School and our education programs! Have fun browsing our site.


Please note: the activation of a profile in our system can take 2-3 days for scenarios 1 and 2. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Due to new GDPR regulations, (since 2017), the re-registration is little more complex. We thank you for your understanding and once complete you can enjoy all the benefits of being in the new home of DEEPWORK here at BODYART School International.

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...has its origins in a Far Eastern approach and in movement. CHALLENGE and BALANCE

The entire human musculoskeletal system 'only' functions as a unified system, consisting of muscles, ligaments, tendons, internal organs and ultimately, very importantly, the emotions and individual motivation of humans. In a holistic training approach it is important to transform all these aspects and elements into movement sequences and exercises, to better optimise and coordinate them! The person is always viewed as a ‘whole’, and thus trains at a physical and psychological level to achieve success (results). This is DEEPWORK training.

DEEPWORK is the answer to feeling your inner spirit - to meeting your limits and to seeing them without prejudice. DEEPWORK is a functional cardiovascular full-body workout based on the principle of polarization (Yin and Yang). Every movement contains a tension and a relaxation phase. The program is about creating harmony between opposites. During the entire training unit, dynamic movements and static holding positions, cardiovascular exercises and functional strength exercises alternate continuously. The aim is to learn how the body functions fully in every dimension.

DEEPWORK has a logical structure with five different training phases / energy phases:

Phase 1 and 2 (15 minutes):

In the first two phases, the body and mind are prepared for the intensive part of the training. DEEPWORK begins slowly and calmly, with the focus on breathing, mobilization and the technical preparation of the upcoming content of the class.

Phase 3 (35 minutes):
Now the class is accelerated within two minutes. The aim is to prepare the cardiovascular system for the next steps.
This is followed by a 10-minute “interval” unit that combines four dynamic movements with four static holding positions in a very special way. The 20-minute main phase focuses on complex exercises that create harmony between endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination. 

Phase 4 and 5 (approx. 8 minutes):
According to the principle of polarization, these intensive phases are now followed by very calm phases in order to lower the cardiovascular system again. The focus is on breathing, relaxation and silence.

DEEPWORK is barefoot training

Our feet are impressively complex. 26 bones, almost 30 joints, 60 muscles, more than 100 ligaments, over 200 tendons and thousands of nerve ends make it a sophisticated masterpiece.
The feet are the basis of every movement we make. However, in order to create harmony between these complex structures, our brain must have the ability to process all information and send the correct signals via the nervous system.In order to perform a movement perfectly, every muscle, nerve, joint, etc. in our foot must be activated. At the same time, the plantar fascia provides reflex tension in the pelvic floor. In addition, we train perception and proprioception in DEEPWORK training and use the foot and ankle functionally.

What makes DEEPWORK different from other programs?

DEEPWORK is an intelligent concept for ALL. In this training, each participant perceives which movements / exercises are well trained (easy) and, on the other hand, which are deficits (difficult). Strength, flexibility, cardio, coordination, dynamic and static full-body exercises merge with one another! A DEEPWORK lesson (physical and musically) begins and ends quietly, with the majority of the class designed for cardio and strength sequences. The special thing about DEEPWORK is that each participant can work at their own level. From Zero to Hero!
DEEPWORK movements are different and quite unusual. DEEPWORK movements are designed in such a way that they are always in the connection between tension and relaxation and are combined with breathing exercises.

Music - Percussion (drumming) - constant repetitions - and letting go of movements have long been known to have a healing effect. In some cultures, this is celebrated up to the point of trance. Nowadays there is a multitude of techniques in movement therapy through to meditation that promote physical and mental letting go in movement.
In DEEPWORK training, the background beats of deep rhythms and supporting percussion supports the participant and helps to build strength, let emotions run free and reach beyond their personal limits.
In DEEPWORK, all movements are designed in such a way that physical restrictions disappear after a while.

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Your DEEPWORK Basic Team:

Virginia Winsemann
Jannie Lindeque
Jens Roth
Katharina Knittel
Remo Stefanic
Michelle Banguio
Martin Brümmer
Julcsi Kruzslicz
Regina Münstermann (Switzerland)
Jacqueline Schoppelt (Austria)

Your DEEPWORK Reloaded Team:

Virginia Winsemann
Jannie Lindeque
Jens Roth
Dr. Fabian Allmacher

Your DEEPWORK N.A.I. Team:

Dr. Fabian Allmacher
Jannie Lindeque
Jens Roth


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