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Dear BODYART Instructor - Dear BODYART Fan

Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow for face-to-face training and workshops, and it is currently still unclear how long this extraordinary situation will last. Therefore, we have thought about how we can convey bridging valuable knowledge about and about the concept BODYART to you. Our answer is: "LIVE Academy" - workshops streamed live to your home.

Exciting topics for licensed BODYART instructors to expand BODYART knowledge, current topics for general interested people from the Health Academy such as burn-OUT, or the kick-off workshop for WARRIOR V, the new workout dance concept by Robert Steinbacher can be found in the list.
You can find more details at the streaming workshops themselves, as well as the information that works with LIVE.
We are happy to be able to offer you this service and would be happy to welcome you to one or more LIVE topics.

Have fun

LIVE Streaming Workshop LIVE Streaming Workshop

+++Some LIVE streaming workshops can only be booked for licensed BODYART Instructors. Please pay attention to the instructions in the respective workshops, thank you.+++



BODYART Improvement + International Elite Instructor Exam

Location: LIVE Academy / DEU

Price: 499,00 EUR


30.10.2020 - 01.11.2020
Friday: 5pm - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 12:30pm / 2pm - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 12pm / 1pm - 3pm / 4pm - 6pm

+++ZOOM Version - english language+++

International BODYART Instructors who want to prepare for the Elite exam. Minimum. 1-2 years of BODYART teaching experience successful completion of the four classic Level II modules: Contact I, Dynamic, Flow and Stretch

Duration: 2 days

There are many Instructors who have been teaching BODYART for many years, attended several BODYART Modules and are good BODYART Instructors. These Instructors are keen to progress even further and develop their teaching and personal presentation skills so that they stand out even more. But what is the secret that makes you so unique as a trainer? How can you strengthen your trainer personality, your self-confidence, competence and empathy, in order to be even more successful?

The BODYART Improvement Module is where you will find the answer! Whether you are already a licensed BODYART Elite Instructor or you are preparing for the BODYART Elite Exam (with its pre-requisite requirements) the BODYART Improvement module, is packed with the knowledge and skills you need to help you to achieve this success! Using your knowledge of BODYART Basic, Contact I, Dynamic, Flow and Stretch you will work on your special verbal teaching skills, your body language, your own BODYART technique, your voice, your facial expressions and your communication with the participants. Existing teaching habits (patterns, favorite and filler words) are tracked down, assessed and broken up by you.
If you want progress even further, work on YOUR personal development, increase your quality and success as an Elite Instructor or give yourself the best chance of succeeding in the BODYART Elite Exam then this module is for YOU!
Booking is now open and the number of participants is limited!


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