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Summer of Change Zurich 2024

Life is movement and movement is change.
Only those who are prepared to change something can make a difference...

This has been the credo of BODYART Training for 30 years.

Nothing is as fast-moving as the fitness world and for over 30 years BODYART Training has been one of the most authentic and stable concepts in group fitness. 

With thousands of instructors worldwide, BODYART has stood the test of time and despite the ever-changing times, BODYART continues to guide its trainers and the people in it safely through change.

in the last few years the fitness scene has changed massively and even completely reinvented itself, and notwithstanding, BODYART TRAINING is the most proven quality concept.

People have changed and with them the way fitness is integrated into everyday life.

The studios need answers and solutions and it is time to offer solutions for our trainers and for the studios.

BODYART Training is moving with the future and over the years we have had the courage and the power to change training in such a way, that we offer our instructors new ways to make BODYART Training even more unique!

WE HAVE THE CHANCE AND THE POWER TO LEAD YOU INTO THE FUTURE and that is the focus of the BODYART HEALTH ACADEMY - Time is changing - We are moving..... Our credo since 1994!

Are you ready.....??

Robert Steinbacher, Alexa Le and Janni Giannikakis will personally introduce you to the new vision and the new extended BODYART concept.


Experience Robert Steinbacher and learn from the inventor the latest visions of how and where we are moving with BODYART Training.

Which focus will be set, what are the 3 pillars of the training, which signature moves will accompany us into the future and what the structure of the classes will look like.... and so we have succeeded in defining BODYART Training after many years!


The second day of the "Summer of Change" is dedicated to the vision and future of the BODYART HEALTH ACADEMY.

We offer our trainers a unique and future-oriented path from group fitness instructor to COACH.

Instead of years of collecting exercises and sequences, we have developed a concept that shows you how to implement your knowledge and turn it into professional and goal-oriented training units (workouts).

The SUMMER of CHANGE is a guide and education event for trainers who are ready to grow and motivated to accompany their participants with new BODYART training units in the pulse of time. 

Janni Giannikakis shows you how to build new bridges, leave old paths and go new ways through the new holistic world of BODYART training.


Through the Summer of Change, we are leading the global community with us and BODYART TRAINING into the future.

Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Le - as founders, Janni Giannikakis as CEO have one goal.

TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY into the future.

In addition to a fast-paced fitness industry that has become consumer-oriented, we want to offer an island of depth, honesty and authenticity.

Only in this way can we grow as a synergy and continue to help people to exercise with longevity and joy for many years to come.

Life is movement and movement is change.
Only those who are prepared to change something can make a difference.

Robert S.


Languages: English and German


For this weekend BODYART Basic, Level 1 is required!!


After the Summer of Change there will be the launch of the inZENtive Instructor Network. After participating in the Summer of Change, every BODYART teacher will have exclusive access to the Instructor Network for 6 months to view and deepen their knowledge of the new Basic training.



Münstergasse 4
8001 Zürich
+41 44 212 12 00


31.08.2024 - 01.09.2024