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365 by Robert Steinbacher 365 by Robert Steinbacher Cluj Romania 2024

365 by Robert Steinbacher

Completion of an education in the Fitness area or an affinity with Movement principles (previous knowledge of anatomy and physiology is an advantage).

Duration: 1 day

365 is Robert's formula that enables you, as an instructor, to bring together all the class formats you have ever learned!

Each number has its significance -

  • 3 stands for 3 rounds
  • 6 stands for 6 exercises
  • 5 stands for 5 breaths rest

Whether it's Functional Training Concepts, all kinds of Yoga, DEEPWORK, HII-Training, Combat Training, Dance Exercises, Pilates, or Strength Training, this formula guarantees a simple, powerful, and outstanding class format that immediately leads to success.

It is not just another education where you learn a new concept. 365 Training combines all your expertise into a new whole, allowing you to integrate and synthesize your existing knowledge and skills.

Outcome and benefit:
After this workshop, you will be able to set up a 365 class.


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Payment in installments
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Payment in installments is only possible with the SEPA direct debit procedure. An invoice for the total amount is generated immediately upon confirmation of the order. The individual installments are always collected by SEPA direct debit 2 weeks before the respective module dates.