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365 by Robert Steinbacher 365 by Robert Steinbacher Mannheim_1 2024

365 by Robert Steinbacher

Completion of an education in the Fitness area or an affinity with Movement principles (previous knowledge of anatomy and physiology is an advantage).

Duration: 1 day

365 is Robert's formula that enables you, as an instructor, to bring together all the class formats you have ever learned!

Each number has its significance -

  • 3 stands for 3 rounds
  • 6 stands for 6 exercises
  • 5 stands for 5 breaths rest

Whether it's Functional Training Concepts, all kinds of Yoga, DEEPWORK, HII-Training, Combat Training, Dance Exercises, Pilates, or Strength Training, this formula guarantees a simple, powerful, and outstanding class format that immediately leads to success.

It is not just another education where you learn a new concept. 365 Training combines all your expertise into a new whole, allowing you to integrate and synthesize your existing knowledge and skills.

Outcome and benefit:
After this workshop, you will be able to set up a 365 class.

Language: German


229,00 EUR


(Sat 10 - 17 h)


TV 1877 Waldhof Mannheim e.V.
Boehringerstr. 5
68307 Mannheim

Booking open until 21.03.2024