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BODYART Basic BODYART Basic Mallorca / Spain 2022


Education and diploma International BODYART Instructor

Requirements: average fitness level

Start your BODYART Journey!

If you are passionate about inspiring people to workout - feel strong, flexible, healthy, vital and balanced in mind and body then the BODYART Basic Level 1 education is where to begin. In three intensive modules you will learn the basic structure and the energy phase of the BODYART concept including the Far Eastern elements of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which is an essential part of our training philosophy. The education is very practical with masterclasses and group work combined with theory.

What can I expect from the education?

Module I
Duration: 2 days
Description: Our focus in the first education module is the foundation of BODYART  - the structure and the energy phases of the concept. We will practice all the basic positions and learn how to structure a BODYART class.

Module II
Duration: 2 days
Description: During the second education module we learn more about the positions and exercises from the various BODYART exercise families, the additional energy phases and we begin to incorporate specific breathing techniques. Teaching skills are a very important part of our instructor training philosophy, specifically:

  • how to teach in a visual and verbal way
  • tailoring your training to specific groups (e.g. beginners, seniors) and for more advanced students
  • how to understand existing exercises in relation to BODYART

Module III (with integrated practical exam)
Duration: Module III focuses on the last 2 energy phases and on the other hand all 5 energy phases as well as all positions and exercises are practiced and internalized in many practice sessions. The understanding of breathing and energy will be deepened, and it will be discussed in detail how to design the own BODYART units in the future. During the two days of the module, the leading Master Trainer will use the joint practice sessions to closely observe the practical skills of each individual participant. With the help of a feedback sheet, the lead master trainer can get a good picture of everyone's learned BODYART practices, evaluate them and decide at the end of the module if the integrated and charmingly "hidden" practical exam has been passed

Theory Exam (online)
Duration: 1 hour 
With the completion of a short exam, you will qualify as an International BODYART Instructur and receive your license to teach BODYART for two years. Your license is renewed for a further two years with attendance at any of the advanced modules in our Level 2 Program. This is just the beginning of your journey into this extensive and knowledge rich training concept!

Important to know:

  • The completion of each module in the correct order (I, II, III) must be adhered to, as each module builds on information given from the previous one.
  • The basic education can only be booked as a complete package.
  • The course fee includes all training dates, a comprehensive manual and access to a library of online training videos for you to practice during the education. There is a gap of a few weeks between each module to allow time to embed your learning. We offer the option of paying in installments.

A compact BODYART Basic education with
the concept inventor Robert Steinbacher
in five days under the Mallorca sun.

A rare and unique opportunity to experience the BODYART basic education with the concept founder himself.
Over 25 years of pure experience with a lot of heart and passion.

+++The training takes place in German!+++

We are pleased to be able to offer this special type of BODYART basic education together with our cooperation partner Robinson.

If you are interested, please book the basic education right here!

For booking the hotel (Robinson Club Cala Serena), flight and transfer, we recommend our cooperation partner Franziska Braig. She is TUI's top 5 travel agent and specializes in Robinson sports and event travel.

Contact at the following email address:
She will contact you as soon as possible and start communication either by email or telephone.
The costs for hotel, flight and transfer (flat rate) are between € 850 and € 990 for 7 days (Sunday to Sunday) depending on the current status and the place of departure.
Content of the secured package tour:

  • Individual flight arrival - nationwide
  • Robinson direct transfer
  • VP+ made by Robinson

Optional TUI Flex tariff bookable!


1.099,00 EUR


17.01.2022 - 22.01.2022
(BODYART Basic intensive week
5 days (Mon - Wed, Thurs free, Fri - Sat)
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Exam online:
Oral theory on Saturday, February 5th, 2022
Practice by video that must be sent to the BODYART School by February 20th, 2022 (WeTransfer))

(Per Video-Einreichung)

(Zweiter Prüfungstermin - Einreichung per Video und Bearbeitung im Office.)


Robinson Club Cala Serena
Avinguda Calo Petit, 1
07660 Cala Serena/Cala d'Or - Mallorca
0034 971 169000