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BODYART Dynamic BODYART Dynamic Zürich 2019


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

BODYART Dynamic is one of the most intensive forms of BODYART training. In this education, you will learn a new method to connect individual BODYART static positions with dynamic elements using energetic breathing. The focus in this Module,  is on holistic and strength exercises with the goal of building strength in the body. BODYART Dynamic is the most intensive form of BODYART Training where we develop a deeper understanding of the exercises and the physical and structural changes that result as well as a deeper appreciation of our own personal boundaries.

(Practice and theory)

  • Minimum of two masterclasses
  • New exercises for Energy Phase 2
  • New exercise sequence / setting up of Energy Phase 3
  • Special verbal instruction for teaching
  • Deepening of physical control
  • Intensive personal training
  • Tactile correction

In BODYART Dynamic a completely different form of energy phase 3 is learnt. Via the Masterclasses and your own technique training, the BODYART Instructor will develop a deeper and more detailed understanding of the exercises.

Learning objectives:
These new BODYART Dynamic exercise units can either be integrated into a BODYART Strength lesson plan or taught as an entire BODYART Dynamic lesson.

The main goal of this module is the new approach to teaching in energy phase 3, which trains an interplay of exercise combinations to achieve structural change and muscular strength.

Target group:
BODYART Strength participants
BODYART participants with experience
BODYART participants who need to build strength and concentration


400,00 EUR


13.04.2019 - 14.04.2019


Pilates Zürich
Friedaustrasse 17
8003 Zürich