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LIVE Streaming Workshop BODYART E1-E2 – Variations and Teaching Skills

LIVE Streaming Workshop

+++BODYART LIVE streaming workshops can only be booked for licensed BODYART Instructors. Please pay attention to the instructions in the respective workshops, thank you.+++

+++ workshop only for licensed BODYART Instructors +++
(in German language)

Are you looking to deepen your understanding and find new ideas for Energy Phases 1 and 2 in your BODYART classes? This 3-hour workshop has been designed to deliver just that! Energy Phase 1 and 2 are often taught “simply” because the BODYART concept dictates it. However, a deeper understanding will further develop your ‘overall’! teaching skills. In this workshop we will give you a deeper understanding of each phase and the mindfulness concepts within them. We will explore the conscious focus of each Phase, where every BODYART class begins, and in theory and in practice work on technique and different variations.

1 of 4 required workshops to extend your license by 2 years!


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