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LIVE Streaming Workshop BODYART E3, deepWORK - Backgrounds, Options and Teaching Skills

LIVE Streaming Workshop

+++BODYART LIVE streaming workshops can only be booked for licensed BODYART Instructors. Please pay attention to the instructions in the respective workshops, thank you.+++

+++ workshop only for licensed BODYART Instructors +++ 
(in German language)

Do you have the following questions about deepWORK in your BODYART lesson:

  • - Why is deepWORK integrated in the BODYART concept?
  • - What is the principle and the effect of the deepWORK phase in the BODYART lesson?
  • - What does my own technique look like for the deepWORK exercises?
  • - What is important when teaching the deepWORK phase?
  • - What options can I give to address all levels of my participants?

In this 2-hour workshop, all these questions are discussed and worked on theoretically and practically. A clear focus should be awakened for the principle of Yin & Yang in deepWORK and for the 3-dimensional and functional combination of the dynamic exercises, but also the static holding positions.

 1 of 4 necessary workshops to advance your license by 2 years!


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