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LIVE Streaming Workshop BODYART E5 - Variations and Teaching Skills

LIVE Streaming Workshop

+++BODYART LIVE streaming workshops can only be booked for licensed BODYART Instructors. Please pay attention to the instructions in the respective workshops, thank you.+++

+++ workshop only for licensed BODYART Instructors +++
(in German language)

This 2-hour workshop is all about the element water - the BODYART energy phase 5. What is important for your participants so that they can relax and let go, which instructions and cuings are helpful?

What happens physically and mentally during the relaxation phase? Are there any contraindications? How do you guide your participants through this phase so that they are not only relaxed but full of energy? How can you structure this phase differently?
You will get a deeper insight into the theory and practice of energy phase 5.

1 of 4 required workshops to extend your license by 2 years!


79,00 EUR




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