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BODYART Energy BODYART Energy Hallbergmoos/Munich 2022


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

We all have energy in various forms in and around us, otherwise life would not be possible. Energy is eternal and everything is connected via this "acting force". BODYART Energy - developed by Alexa Le and Thomas Berghoff - offers the perfect preparation for new approaches and perspectives in BODYART training.

Human energy is expressed in various ways e.g. in the form of heart energy, respiratory rate, food energy, but also in organic and muscular vibrations.
These types of vibrations have a direct impact on our mind, our thinking, our hormone system and organs and our overall physical condition. If our body tenses up inside (organic - emotional - mental), this is reflected in the outer posture and of course vice versa. The connection to osteopathy, kinesiology and the philosophies of Chinese medicine is clear. How can you use your body as an instrument/ tool to absorb, manage and release blockages? How you can identify in your participants specific movements and resolve disharmonies?
In this module you will find new specific exercises for energy phases 1, 2 and 3. The new exercises can be integrated in the lesson plan BODYART Strength and BODYART Energetic.

You will gain a completely new perspective in BODYART Energy!
We dive right in and give you anatomically important connections to understand how and where your body reacts in the different movement patterns and can thus be understood as a unit. You will learn how disharmonies develop and work, the effects of negative emotions on the body and how you can regulate emotion. The connection between breathing, organs, joints and muscles is fascinating. You will learn a new breathing technique - kidney breathing and how that can positively influence health. Using the emotional chart of psycho-kinesiology as your guide, you will create and discover your own patterns so that you can easily identify why and what is causing disharmonies for you, and how you can balance them yourself.

Every day begins with an extensive BODYART Energy Masterclass (75 minutes).
All exercises in their different possibilities are trained in practice (and in detail in theory). In addition to learning a special kidney breathing technique you will also experience the unique effect of the BODYART Energy approach and how to run a sequence for 3 minutes or more to feel the entire release effect.

To gain a deeper understanding of anatomical and Far Eastern practice and to be able to assess and regulate the changed or restricted movement patterns of your participants. To understand and use the healing effects of breathing.

You will be able to recognise, understand and integrate how and where movements (e.g. rotations) bring a healing organic muscular, often also hormonal, effect into flow.
The anatomical knowledge will help you to train yourself and your participants from a completely new, unified perspective. In addition to perfect technical execution of the exercises, the focus is on the quality and integration of your breathing in flowing or static positions. You will master the BODYART energy sequences so that you will be able to verbally and technically guide your participants.

Target group:
BODYART participants who are interested in the interaction between breathing and energies in the body. 
BODYART participants interested in the relationships between emotional and physical dysharmonics.

Education postponed from 22.-23.10. to 19.-20.11.2022 


399,00 EUR


19.11.2022 - 20.11.2022
(Sat: 10:00-17:00
Sun: 9:00-16:00)


Lindberghstrasse 7a+b
85399 Hallbergmoos