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BODYART Meridian Flow BODYART Flow I /Munich 2020

BODYART Meridian Flow

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

We absorb energy through breathing. Life and the energy within it, is always moving. Nothing is static. When everything is in a harmonious flow, we achieve a greater sense of well-being. BODYART Meridian Flow  focuses on the flow of energy and the synergy between breathing and movement. It is primarily about perceiving yourself and your environment (participants, time of day, mood, room / location, ...) and integrating them into a harmonious training flow. There is no fixed structure since the principle of yin and yang is about connecting the opposites.

Special features of BODYART Meridian Flow:

  • Connecting elements from Tai Chi and Qi Gong and dance
  • There is always a flow element between the strength positions
  • Few geometric shapes...
  • Repetition effect: In contrast to classic strength training, repetitions are not primarily about strengthening. The repetitions support coordination and allow conscious awareness of the movements and positions. As soon your awareness increases, changes can take place. You practice, repeat and enjoy the progress and sense of well-being experienced by the exercise flow. Your mind will relax.
  • BODYART Flow can be viewed as a pulsation or a wave movement. In BODYART Flow we deliberately keep moving between two "orientation points". This can be high - deep, inhale - exhale, contract - expand, ...
  • The link between the individual positions is the breath and flowing movements that lead to the next position

(Theory and practice)

BODYART Meridian Flow covers the theory and practice of how to structure an energetic class:

  • Minimum of two master classes
  • Deeper understanding of polarities (Yin and Yang) and breathing
  • Learn the special verbal instructions of a BODYART Meridian Flow class
  • Deepen knowledge of 5 elements teaching - the 5 phases of change
  • Knowledge of the meridians and their backgrounds
  • How to setup and implement a BODYART Meridian Flow class
  • Energetic aspects of different positions
  • Background of individual exercises related to the internal organs
  • Structure of a BODYART Meridian Flow class (theory)
  • Intensive personal training

Learning objective:
BODYART Meridian Flow gives you a completely new method of BODYART training, both physically and in terms of your verbal teaching technique.

The BODYART Meridian Flow exercise sequences can either be integrated into a BODYART class plan or taught as a pure BODYART Meridian Flow class.

The main goal is the special approach to teaching (verbally and visually). This means that participants who have little body awareness should benefit from a much greater awareness. For participants who lead a very active life, it is the calm, slowness and subtlety of the movements which are of most benefit. In addition, the quality of your movements increases, and in turn improve your coordination.

Target Group:
All BODYART Participants


339,00 EUR


10.10.2020 - 11.10.2020
(Sat: 10:00-17:00
Sun: 9:00-16:00)


BODYART School International
Gutenbergstr. 8
85737 Ismaning
+49 89 67339008