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BODYART Meridian Flow 2 BODYART Flow II München 2018 (Level 3)

BODYART Meridian Flow 2

Prerequisite: International BODYART Instructor, BODYART Meridian Flow

Duration: 2 days

We absorb energy through breathing. Life, energy, is always on the move, nothing is static. When everything is in a harmonious flow, well-being sets in. BODYART Meridian Flow 2 focus on the flow of energy and the synergy between breathing and movement. It is primarily about perceiving yourself and the environment (participants, time of day, mood, room/location, ...) and integrating them in a harmonious training flow. There is no fixed structure, since the principle of yin and yang is about connecting the opposites that are currently clashing.

BODYART Maridian Flow 2 module builds on the theory of BODYART Meridian Flow. The focus is on the implementation of the exercises, the design of BODYART Meridian Flow class profile and the intensive improvement of your own movement quality and technique.

(Practice and theory)

  • At least two masterclasses
  • New exercises for the BODYART Meridian Flow class
  • Additional cuings for a BODYART Meridian Flow class
  • Deepening of breathing in connection with the movement "without beginning, without end"!
  • Deepening knowledge of the elements and the meridians and their relation to the organs
  • Special setup and implementation of a BODYART Meridian Flow class (theory)
  • Energetic aspects of different positions
  • Background of individual exercises in relation to and effect on the organs
  • Intensive personal training

With this module you will further improve your physical and verbal teaching technique.

The new BODYART Meridian Flow 2 exercise sequences can either be integrated into the BODYART profile or taught as a pure BODYART Meridian Flow class. The main goal is the special approach to teaching (verbally and visually). For some participants who are less active, the focus will be on increasing their body awareness.  For participants who lead a more active life, the focus will be much more on the appreciation of the slowness and subtlety of the movements and the quality of the rest.

In addition, you will improve the quality of your movements and your own coordination.

Target group:
All BODYART participants


319,00 EUR


01.12.2018 - 02.12.2018


München (Großraum)