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BODYART Function BODYART Function Ismaning/Munich 2018

BODYART Function

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

The module BODYART Function provides the BODYART Instructor with the fundamentals of anatomy in relation to our understanding of the body as a functional unit. We focus on the anatomy of movement and the relationship between the muscles and the bone structure. You will learn for example how movements can support and/or change the body.

As a BODYART instructor, it is essential to know how the physiology and anatomy in the body work in BODYART exercises. With this knowledge you will be able to specifically and effectively guide your course participants. Did you know, for example, that changing the foot position affects the entire exercise?

Through practical application of the BODYART Exercises you will also develop a deeper awareness of your own body which will in turn benefit your course participants via your quality training.

(Practice and theory)

  • Minimum of two masterclasses
  • Anatomy in theory and practice
  • New exercises in which the individual functional movements are the focus
  • Special verbal instruction for teaching
  • Deepening of physical control
  • Intensive personal training

Knowledge of the basic anatomy of the body as a functional unit and the practical application of the acquired knowledge in your BODYART classes.

You will gain a deeper knowledge of the basic physical function of the body (to have a deeper understanding of the BODYART exercises) and advance your competence and your teaching skills.

Target group:
All BODYART trainers who want to have a deeper understanding of the individual BODYART exercises and their variations which in turn will benefit your BODYART class participants.


319,00 EUR


08.12.2018 - 09.12.2018


Steinheilstrasse 6
85737 Ismaning
+49 89 67339008