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BODYART Masters - New Exercises BODYART Masters - New Exercises International LIVE Academy 2021

BODYART Masters - New Exercises

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor
Duration: 2 days / 16 units

‚If you want to Master something, teach it!‘ Richard Feynman

The BODYART Masters Series is a brand new rubric for our Level 2 and 3 Advanced BODYART education!
Mastering a skill is about immersing yourself in the fundamentals, developing a deeper understanding of the theory behind it and then training it. As instructors and educators, we know and value this development process. 

Our series begins with BODYART Masters New Exercises and our educator is the creator and founder of BODYART, Robert Steinbacher.

We will explore one of the fundamentals of the BODYART Training method - the BODYART Clock. We will dive deeper into the reasons why it is such a valuable blueprint for the structure of your class and how to use it effectively. For each of the Energy phases, Robert will teach some brand new exercises and new variations in the context of the BODYART Clock structure. It is a unique opportunity to train with the Master of the concept and find new inspiration and fresh energy for your BODYART classes!

Our motto: dive deeper, train smarter!


  • we begin each day with a Masterclass which sets the focus of the content for the day
  • each energy phase is discussed and trained in detail with new exercises and variations
  • our classic BODYART training 'blueprint' is revisited and consolidated in its quality and consistency by the creator himself
  • our focus is on the BODYART clock and thus the classic BODYART structure - the flexibity of the clock and how to effectively use it

Learning objectives:

In this Master's module you will expand your "archive" of new exercises and variations and gain more confidence applying the clock and in addition, develop your own techniques and skills as a trainer.

Your benefit:

After the workshop you will be able to teach a classic BODYART lesson, which is rich in new variations and exercises. 

Target group:

For all BODYART Instructors who want to deepen and expand their interest in and knowledge of classic BODYART training, as well as experience 2 intensive training days with the creator of the BODYART training concept.

+++ only in English +++


349,00 EUR


17.04.2021 - 18.04.2021
(Course times:
Sat: 10:00-17:00
Sun: 10:00-17:00)


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