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BODYART Stretch BODYART Stretch Slovakia 2021


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

In order to be more conscious and structured in the energetic and flowing elements of the BODYART concept, we created the module BODYART Stretch. Tension - relaxation, or as we like to say "release - control", or even better the polarity between yin and yang, is the focus in combination with attention to our breathing. In BODYART Stretch the body is moved, positioned and indeed challenged holistically and with polarity in focus to increase stability, mobility and flexibility. We dispense with classic strength exercises to better perceive and use stabilizing force. Body and mind will learn to improve and control these stabilizing forces. As a result, the mobility of the relevant joints and the flexibility of the muscle groups are addressed and improve and develop. The goal for course participant is to enjoy the movements, individually or in combination. For the BODYART Instructor, the focus of this workshop is to share their knowledge to help participants feel and understand this difference and to develop their personality as a (group) fitness trainer.



  • One master class per day
  • Development of your own technique in all specific exercises in each energy phase from the manual
  • Partner and group work with the specific exercises
  • Connection with BODYART Contact respectively BODYART Teaching Tools for tactile support and correction Do we want to change this?


  • Content comparison of classic BODYART training and BODYART stretch
  • Teaching skills on the topic: "polarity cuing" - where is the anchor where does the return go?
  • Three-dimensional thinking
  • What does stability, mobility, flexibility mean, how do they work together and what is the goal?
  • Construction of a BODYART Stretch class
  • Integrating individual exercises into a classic BODYART lesson plan - E1, E4, E5

After successful participation and a period of personal training, the BODYART Instructor, is able to competently teach a BODYART Stretch lesson Furthermore, they will be able to apply and incorporate the skills and knowledge acquired into other BODYART modules and their relative structures. In general, all BODYART modules are self-contained and complementary.

A deeper understanding of the BODYART philosophy and knowledge is acquired, and teaching technique is further honed, in combination with physical techniques.

Target group:
A BODYART Stretch class or specific elements or exercises are suitable for every age group. The clear structure and the numerous options give the participant the opportunity to further develop their own technique. The quality will be felt in everyday life and associated movements will positively and noticeably change. "Enjoy life in the full range of motion!"


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06.11.2021 - 07.11.2021


Move Academy
Staré Grunty 64
84104 Bratislava