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DEEPWORK Reloaded DEEPWORK Reloaded LIVE Academy 2021_1


DEEPWORK Reloaded Update 2021

YIN, the sensitive preparation of a physically intensive training and the mental aspects.
YANG, functional training, cardiovascular training and sports science knowledge.
The goal: to grasp the whole person and to change them physically and mentally.


..are the pillars of DEEPWORK Training and will certainly be in focus in the future.

The elite trainers, who come from all over the world, have committed themselves to the teaching method of Robert Steinbacher and DEEPWORK. They are the connecting element between the method and the new learners. What defines the Master Trainer is the understanding of the training method and the transfer of their know-how to the new trainers. They are with you body and soul and train in a supportive, energetic and compassionate way.

You and many thousands of DEEPWORK instructors have understood Robert's message and have been successfully delivering DEEPWORK into studios for more than 10 years, which gives the group fitness area new power.

For Robert it was a big goal from the beginning to create a long-lasting movement concept, to grow together with the DEEPWORK instructors, to found a community, to exchange experiences and to support you as a DEEPWORKer.

We ALL achieved this goal together! What is SO great, is that you are now continuing YOUR path as a DEEPWORK Instructor with us at BODYART School

Requirements: at least DEEPWORK Basic (by IFHIAS or by BODYART School)

Duration: 2 days

  • In DEEPWORK Reloaded we will work in theory and in practice on the following topics:
  • Restructuring of the energy phases
  • Variations and teaching tools for energy phase 1
  • Variations and teaching tools for energy phase 2
  • Technical updates of some "classic" DEEPWORK exercises 1
  • New exercises as well as "old" exercises with brand new inputs for the swing phase 2
  • DEEPWORK Xpress - DEEPWORK's 30-minute program
  • New exercises and inputs for the relaxation and reflection phase
  • Partner and group work
  • Visual support (online, QR codes)

..and of course plenty of FUN and new INSPIRATION!!!

Educator: Jannie Lindeque


349,00 EUR


20.02.2021 - 21.02.2021
(Course times:
Sat 10:00-17:00
Sun 10:00-17:00)


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