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CoreCellMemory Core Cell Memory Hungary 2023


CoreCellMemory - Breath is the Beginning of Creation!

Interest in new breathing techniques, the mental and cellular connections as well as openness to self-reflection. 
(Previous knowledge of teaching skills as well as basic anatomical knowledge would be an advantage)

Duration: 2,5 days

General Description:
In this workshop we will explore the areas of neurology, cellular breathing and meditation, sustainable healing through frequencies, detaching negative emotions from thoughts, the influence of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods on hormone balance and the immune system, the gut-brain axis, and much more.
Learn how to sustainably regulate and stimulate yourself and your body to heal. The special focus of these 2.5 days is to initiate change on a cellular level through deep breathing techniques.

Content: (practice and theory)

  • 2 Masterclasses
  • Exercises and meditation for regeneration on a cellular level
  • IN - Mind Breath Meditation - the connection to the energy field of the 8th chakra or the Quantum mind
  • Mind Breath: Recognizing organic hormonal connections between attached negative emotions and thoughts
  • Fascination of breathing - outer and inner breathing - Medulla Oblongata
  • Blood-cell-breathing/4 fragment-breathing/spinal gland-breathing
  • The importance of cells or CoreCellMemory - the human being
  • Testing mobility in psychosomatic stress in the brain
  • Inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods and their effects
  • Inflammation levels in the blood/brain (Omega3 levels) and their regulation possibilities
  • Where and how negative thoughts work
  • Blood, oxygen and nerve cell protection
  • Bionic Regulation - Stopping Aging
  • Meditation: Frequencies for rejuvenation and recoding of all cells
  • The pineal gland - the underestimated organ
  • Microbiome: the gut brain barrier - a talking organism
  • Intensive self-training

Your Benefit:
Through this workshop you learn to understand yourself better and to influence your ego positively, i.e. to be able to act from a higher "Conscious BEING" in your and on your life. You will recognize ill-making contexts from your daily environment and receive "tools" to balance them in a positive way with simple means.

Target group:
People who want to learn more about the healing processes in the body.


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02.06.2023 - 03.06.2023