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BODYART Contact BODYART Contact Gilching_Munich 2024


Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

We all learn differently, some visually, some with verbal instructions and others tactically. Everything we learn is based on the experiences that we have and then “stored” in our brain and in our cell tissues to be called up when necessary. Learning about contact and touch opens a new dimension to the usual verbal teaching approach and allows the physical internalization of the technique not just the assimilation of knowledge in the brain.
In this module you will learn, in a practical way, how you can tactilely (via touch) guide your participants into the correct position for the BODYART exercises. You will learn where the energy and tension lines run in the exercises and how as a BODYART Instructor you can help your participants experience the benefit of the exercise when they are in the correct position.
We will explore how to find the key movement in each exercise and understand where strength comes from in the different exercises. In BODYART Contact I we review all the basic movements and how to make corrections using tactile correction first by experiencing it yourself and then working with a partner.
The BODYART Contact I module is the most fundamental of all the Level 2 modules because it is this tactile knowledge that will take your BODYART Training to a higher level. We recommend that all newly qualified BODYART Instructors complete BODYART Contact as the first Level 2 Module as soon as possible after their basic training.

(Practice and theory)

  • at least two masterclasses
  • General understanding of tactile correction
  • Specific correction techniques
  • Instructions for tactile correction
  • Deepening physical control
  • Partner exercises

The goal is that you know exactly what tactile support is required for your participant via a trained eye (visual) and your own training (self-awareness). With this security and deeper knowledge of tactile correction you can provide hands on support to correct your participants in the exercise.

The focus of this module is to learn tactile teaching skills so that you are using all the ‘tools’ of BODYART Training:

  • isual: own technique
  • verbal: correction instruction
  • tactile: safe and correct support

and extend your professional teaching skills so that your participant can experience the maximum benefit from the training and feel fully supported. 

Target group:
All BODYART Instructors

Language: German


429,00 EUR


20.04.2024 - 21.04.2024
(Sat 10-17
Sun 9-16)


Aktivpark Gilching GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 5
82205 Gilching