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The Workout Dance Concept

... is a unique workout dance concept by Robert Steinbacher. Like all of his concepts, WARRIOR V is based on the principles and characters of the 5 elements and also gives the program the name - WARRIOR V (5) - warrior in a peaceful mission for body, mind and soul. Together with the professional dancers of the New York Broadway Dance Center, including Ryan Daniel Beck, Robert developed this energetic workout with dance elements - why dance elements? Because Robert believes that there is a small or large dancer in everyone and that he wants to go back to his roots with his dancer heart. His idea is to combine group fitness workout and dance technique training with each other and to work out the "dancing" in levels more and more.
After a functional and intensive warm-up, workout dance blocks are built up, which can gradually flow into a large combination. This combination can then be implemented individually by everyone in the three styles: Fitness, Style or Art. The program finds a balancing and emotional conclusion with stretching and a little meditation.
Anyone who loves movement and especially dancing will love WARRIOR V. This program makes dancers' hearts beat faster and the energy pulsates through the body.

WARRIOR V by BODYART - the Workout-Dance Program for everybody who love to train and dance


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04.06.2022 - 05.06.2022