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BODYART Teaching by Elements Teaching by Elements Zuerich 2020

BODYART Teaching by Elements

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

The BODYART Teaching by Elements workshop is designed specifically for the BODYART Instructor to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the BODYART concept and take their teaching skills to the next level and train BODYART at an even higher quality standard. This Module is a great opportunity for the Instructor to invest in their own personal development as a trainer. In BODYART Teaching by Elements we begin by reviewing our verbal instructions and learn how to use a logical formula to increase success. We then deepen our knowledge about how to control the intensity of the class, where our focus should be, setting up exercises for all levels and understanding how the BODYART course (class) is compiled. The deeper our understanding at a grassroots level of what, why, when, each BODYART exercise is taught the greater our success as BODYART Instructors. Through this understanding, your own technique, personal perception/ inner attitude is enhanced, and you will develop your own individual identity as a BODYART Instructor.

(Practice and theory)

  • Learn new BODYART specific exercises
  • Three master classes are developed in practical and theoretical terms - including technical training
  • Learn new verbal BODYART teaching techniques
  • Self-development/training
  • Deepening of the technical instructions in sequencing

The main goal of this BODYART module is learn how to provide clear and understandable verbal instructions in the classroom. Say: In a few words - express a lot! Constructive feedback from the course teacher will really develop verbal teaching technique. You are able to apply the new verbal teaching technique in ALL BODYART classes.

The whole weekend is focused on your verbal instructions. This learned logical formula is used throughout the BODYART lesson and will also enhance your personal development.

Target group:
ALL BODYART participants

Feedback from participants:

A very interesting module! And Virginia managed to convey the complex topic in a way that was easy to understand. I really appreciate Virginia Winsemann as an instructor. Even if I have doubts about myself, she always gives me the feeling "you can do it" and that motivates me tremendously ;-) Very worthwhile!

A great module with a lot of inspiration and input to take away and work on. Virginia leads the training as always with an incredible amount of heart and competence. Every BODYART Instructor should do BODYART Teaching by Elements.

Changed course times:
Sat 9.30-17.30
Sun 9.30-16.30


400,00 EUR


01.02.2020 - 02.02.2020
(Course times:
Sat 9:30-17:30
Sun 9:30-16.30)