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LIVE Streaming Workshop WARRIOR V Special Weekend

LIVE Streaming Workshop

+++BODYART LIVE streaming workshops can only be booked for licensed BODYART Instructors. Please pay attention to the instructions in the respective workshops, thank you.+++

+++For everybody who loves to train and dance+++

Experience an energetic and emotional weekend with Robert Steinbacher for his new stroke of genius WARRIOR V - The Workout Dance Concept. With this Special Robert gives an insight into what is behind the idea of ​​WARRIOR V, what inspired him to develop the concept and how it should affect trainers and participants.

And this is how he organizes the two days, each with 2 hours for you:

Day 1 - FUN DAY

  • History
  • Idea - movements (combinations) divided into fitness, style and type
  • The focus is not on the choreography but on the workout!
  • Master Class

Day 2 - FEEL DAY

  • Idea - solve emotional patterns (negative) or strengthen (positive) with dance
  • Dance is an outlet, with movement discharge stress and pressure
  • Insight into dance techniques
  • Master Class

You can also feel Robert's joie de vivre online when he talks about his WARRIOR V concept. Take a piece of this pure joy of life with you.

And should the concept appeal to you for more, you will receive all further information about the training HERE.

Have fun

+++ Please note that the workshop is in English +++


79,90 EUR


06.06.2020 - 07.06.2020
(Please note! Changed schedule!
Sat: 14:00 - 16:00
Sun: 13:30 - 15:30)


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