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BODYART Advanced Exercises BODYART Advanced Exercises

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor for at least one year and Contact I. Additional Level 2 modules would be of benefit. New ideas, exercises and variations will create new training impulses and will enrich your BODYART classes, the trainer and the participant.

Attention! The name of the module has chanded! The name before was BODYART New Exercises!

Duration: 2 days

Description: This module will teach you how to bring variety into a basic BODYART lesson with its 5 phases. In energy phase 1 you get to know new mobilisations and in energy phase 2 you will learn more about functional warm up. The sequencing will be altered which gives you a new impulse and the freedom to newly rearrange your daily classes.

Within the training phase and in energy phase 4 you will be introduced to new exercises and variation of any training category. You will learn the adjustments for every exercise and practice these within those two days.