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Requirements: International BODYART Instructor and BODYART Contact I

Duration: 2 days

Description: In module Contact I the student learns basic movements and how to support those in a tactile way plus the BODYART Instructor practices during his own training.

Often many questions arise during module Contact I and many manual movements need practice and training. The BODYART Instructor starts out in a whole new world of teaching.

During module Contact II the BODYART Instructor is introduced to new tools to be able to support his students in a tactile way, i.e. a bio-feedback and based on a manual new adjustments are introduced.

Besides the ordinary master classes there will be several shorter master classes during which everyone receives the chance to practice already known adjustments and to implement new knowledge. The special feature of Contact II is a direct personal feedback of the BODYART master trainer. Often many handholds get lost or are forgotten, after module Contact I. These need to be refreshed and blended in with newly learned motoric skills in Contact II.