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BODYART Elite Exam BODYART Elite Exam

BODYART instructors who want to prepare for the elite exam.

Minimum 1-2 years of BODYART teaching experience and the four classic Level II modules: Dynamic, Flow and Stretch, Contact I or Teaching Tools

Friday evening (3 hours)
Saturday and Sunday (7 hours)


  • Have you been teaching BODYART for many years and have already attended a number of BODYART modules?
  • Do YOU ​​want to get a little further for YOU, to set YOU apart from other instructors?
  • How can YOU strengthen your trainer personality in order to be more successful than others with self-confidence, competence and empathy?
  • What is the secret that makes YOU as a trainer so unique, so special and, above all, authentic?
  • Or do YOU ​​want to tick the box for YOUR completed four classic BODYART Level 2 modules?
  • Would you like to organize your own BODYART weekend / week with YOUR participants?

In preparation for YOUR BODYART Elite exam (with the required prerequisites), we have packed this knowledge into the BODYART Improvement module, which will help YOU achieve this success. You will repeat the BODYART modules Basic, Contact I (or Teaching Tools), Dynamic, Flow and Stretch with all the different rules, times and focuses of the individual energy phases.

With all your knowledge you will deepen the special verbal teaching skills of the modules, your body language, your own technique, your voice, your facial expressions and your communication. Teaching habits (patterns, favorites and filler words) are tracked down and broken down by you.

 About four weeks after the BODYART Improvement you will receive your tasks for YOUR BODYART Elite exam in writing. This exam takes place in visual form (video submission) with or without your participants, whenever YOU are ready (within one year)! All BODYART modules will then be presented by you in an entire BODYART hour.

In this exam, both your personal BODYART technique and your teaching style are assessed in terms of methodology, versatility, personality and presentation.

With this exam, YOU go one step further in professionalism and face the challenge of practicing and representing the BODYART concept more deeply and intensively.

This weekend is definitely worth it to set YOU apart from others in YOUR personal development and presence as a BODYART Elite Instructor and to bring YOU to a qualitatively higher level!

If you pass the elite exam, you can expect special privileges, such as B. to present the privilege at consumer events, to appear at ROBINSON or other travel providers as a BODYART representative and to teach or to organize BODYART events for consumers themselves.

This module is now open for booking and the number of participants is limited!