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BODYART H-I-T / Mobility Moves BODYART H-I-T / Mobility Moves

International BODYART Instructor and module BODYART H-I-T / Fascial Moves (Xross) or BAX training.

Duration: 2 days

General Description:

BODYART H-I-T / Mobility Moves gives you the opportunity to expand each phase of your BODYART H-I-T training with new exercises.

We focus specifically on building, teaching as well as varying the exercises to get the maximum impact for your class. In the Yin phase, we focus on joint mobility to deepen your understanding of joint mobility and give you a tool to tailor your training specifically to your group of participants.

Take your training to a new level with BODYART H-I-T / Mobility Moves.

(practice and theory)

  • two masterclasses
  • new exercises for warm up, yang phase, yin phase and recovery phase
  • special exercise structure for the Yang Phase
  • special verbal instruction of teaching
  • deepening of the physical control
  • intensive self training
  • construction of new lesson patterns with focus

You will be able to design BODYART H-I-T lessons on your own. Depending on the focus you choose, you will gain a deeper understanding of the structure and training goal of each exercise.

Your Benefit:
Expanding the range of exercises for a BODYART H-I-T class as well as learning new variations and connections of old and new exercises.

Target group:
All BODYART H-I-T trainers who want to add even more focus and variability to their training.