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BODYART Medical and Recovery BODYART Medical and Recovery

Prerequisite: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

Modern day life with its predominantly sedentary activities, high levels of stress and sometimes traumas can have a direct influence on our psychological (inner) and physical (outer) well-being. Both systems act as a mutual amplifier to each other: Each inner tension produces dysfunctional outer posture - and vice versa.
The module " Medical and Recovery " gives BODYART instructors ways to help their participants out of this cycle. The focus is on raising awareness to remove blockages in the body and bring ingrained dysfunctional movement and posture patterns back into balance. This will in turn facilitate a more relaxed physical self and greater psychological balance in everyday life.
Developed by Ulrike Mangold and Dr. Fabian Allmacher, this Module draws its focus from medical and orthopedic aspects (the work " from the outside "), as well as psychological aspects (the work " from the inside out "), to address imbalance. The interlocking polarity of the BODYART concept is thereby enriched by a new dimension.
A very exciting and effective way to develop yourself as BODYART Instructor and support your professionalism to a high degree.

Learn the differences between a BODYART class and a BODYART Medical and Recovery class.
Work together to understand the essential anatomical structures of the human body, which often inhibit and restrict the flow of movement (biomechanical chain). We will then focus on how to use this knowledge in your exercises in a three-dimensional (3D) manner in order to solve any movement restrictions in a very targeted manner.
In addition to the articulated anatomical structures, you will learn about the function of the diaphragm, not only as a respiratory muscle but in combination with the psoas muscle as the seat of the emotional centre in the middle of the body. The targeted use of specific exercises makes these structures open and vital again.

Each day begins with an extensive BODYART Medical and Recovery Masterclass (75 minutes).
All exercises in all energy phases are trained in practice (and in detail in theory).
Partner work and small group training are also on the daily schedule.

You are able to teach a BODYART Medical and Recovery lesson that meets the requirements of an increasingly sedentary and immobile generation with specific exercise selection and customized modifications.
With your newly acquired knowledge of three-dimensional (3D) movement approach and specific breathing approach you will be able supplement already learned exercises from other modules

BODYART Medical and Recovery will give you a completely new perspective on the anatomical structures of the human body in motion. Your eye as a trainer will continue to sharpen in order to specifically identify imbalances and compensations of your course participants and you will have the knowledge to eliminate them in a focused and targeted manner.