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BODYART Personal Training BODYART Personal Training

Requirements:  International BODYART Instructor , BODYART Contact I and BODYART Function, in case there is no previous knowledge in medicine. 

BODYART Personal Training module I - 2 days
BODYART Personal Training module II - 2 days
The two modules can only be booked together.

Description: BODYART Personal Training is the most effective form of training. The PT program is tailored to the individual person and targets at his strengths and dysbalances. The BODYART Personal Training bridges the gap between classical power training and the philosophy of BODYART for the first time. You learn to do an anamnesis and work with your client accordingly. By combining classical power training with various BODYART positions and exercises, you learn to create personal training programs even more precisely to fit your client’s needs. Your knowledge and your training will improve and it will develop your personality as a personal trainer.