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BODYART PRT (Prevention, Reha, Therapy) BODYART PRT (Prevention, Reha, Therapy)

Prerequisite: International BODYART Instructor
Completion of the following BODYART Modules is not a pre-requisite but helpful: BODYART Contact I and/or BODYART Function

Duration: 2 days

Many people today suffer with physical or illness related complaints, suffer with the physical aspects of the ageing process or simply do not consider exercise because of a fear of failure. We have developed the BODYART PRT module specifically for this group of people, with customized BODYART training for PRT = Prevention-Rehabilitation-Therapy.

The module BODYART PRT deals focuses on physical deficits or illness-related restriction and gives you the skills to respond exactly to the needs of the participant. We will understand how modified exercises and exercise sequences from Level 1 training, as well as therapy exercises such as: leg axis training or segmental stabilization of the spine and training aids, the training can be targeted and adapted precisely to imbalances and weakness in movement.

Learn the differences between a BODYART lesson and a BODYART PRT lesson.
We will cover anatomical content in addition to theoretical topics such as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the rehabilitation phases and resilience.

Each day begins with an extensive BODYART PRT Masterclass (75 minutes).
All exercises in all energy phases are trained in practice (and in detail in theory). Partner work and small group training are also on the daily schedule.

You will be able to teach a BODYART PRT lesson that meets the requirements of this specific group of people and put together a BODYART lesson in your exercise selection with customized modifications.

The main goal and the greatest skill are in the development of your verbal instructions and your personal support (regular, direct instruction and tactile support), the use of aids, as well as a secure knowledge of physical complaints and how to handle them. Particular attention is also paid to the choice of music, the atmosphere and the differing levels of your participants, which should never be underestimated. You will have a good understanding of imbalances/weaknesses in movement, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the associated modifications of the exercises.

Target group:
BODYART trainers who want to focus on specific topics related to a restricted musculoskeletal system, physical deficits and illness-related restrictions.

Participant 1:
Super great module! Super great and absolutely "down-to-earth" teacher, Monika Kilian! Through her natural nature, she conveys the content of this extensive topic in an understandable and competent manner!
In these 2 days I was able to learn a lot of useful things again, for which I am very grateful! I am really looking forward to a future module with MONIKA KILIAN !!! Thanks a lot!

Participant 2:
Simply a wonderful BODYART module! In my opinion, EVERY BODYART instructor should complete as soon as possible. Monika has so much to offer with her many years of experience in the field, and I will definitely visit a workshop with her again. She explained everything in such a pleasant, calm and structured way - it was easy to memorize everything. Wonderful! Keep it up. I have no improvement points at this point, except that this module should be offered more often.