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Requirements NEW: International BODYART Instructor Level 1

Duration: 2 days

Description: This module covers several needs of a BODYART Instructor. Within two training days BODYART Pure covers various subjects out of Level 2, another focus is your self-training. The more a BODYART Instructor continues his BODYART studies and the more profound he brings his knowledge into his classes the less the trainer will use his lessons for his own training.

The aim of a harmonic BODYART lecture is a good mixture of verbal teaching and professional adjustment (Contact). A BODYART Instructor should always train his own technique, which is necessary and will develop his personality. Often there is not enough time, motivation or the possibility to take part in training and therefore technical mistakes occur and the BODYART Instructor loses his own precision in technique and inspiration.

The BODYART Pure module includes several master classes per day which are discussed and written down subsequently. So every BODYART Instructor receives new inspirations and at the same time trains his own technique. BODYART Pure provides time to ask questions and to learn about the newest developments.

BODYART Pure is a module of its own which unites several BODYART concepts. This module is learned by a master class that will be discussed and written down afterwards.  The lesson will be trained in groups and each BODYART Instructor will teach a part of the class. This teaching will also be discussed during a feedback round, so everyone gets the chance to work on his teaching technique.  

By working through various master classes the BODYART Instructor obtains new impulses how to improve his teaching. At the same time he trains his personal BODYART technique.

Inspiration pure and two days full of training and news.

All BODYART instructors who are not yet familiar with the various BODYART concepts (Flow, Dynamics, Stretch) get a first impression of the various concepts within two days. BODYART Pure is a module for all professional BODYART Instructors, who have realized that it is important to work on one's own technique and to not stand still.  BODYART means continual growth - that is  BODYART Pure.