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BODYART Structure BODYART Structure

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

In BODYART training, the quality of your lesson will always depend on which exercises you select to suit your participants and the focus with which you teach them. After attending one or more from the different Level 2 BODYART modules you are often faced with the question: will I teach the focus and structure of a particular module for the next 8 weeks, e.g. Stretch or do I just want to integrate a few exercises from different modules within my BODYART class?  If the latter is the case, then a clear structure is now required, so that the exercises are combined in such a way that they are both energetically, physically and mentally demanding as well as facilitating and promoting the principles of Yin and Yang.

The BODYART Structure module gives you the overview and shows you the structure of our extensive and unique BODYART training so that you can always keep a clear head. With this clear structure, each exercise can be more deeply understood in terms of its appropriate use and you will always make the right choices for your class profile. Structures are and will remain the quintessence of BODYART Training and guarantees you and your participants' success.

The BODYART Structure workshop is also filled with new and creative exercises and exercise variations that will expand your repertoire and make your classes even more varied. BODYART Structure is an essential module for every BODYART Instructor!


  • We begin with a comprehensive review the BODYART Training Modules to embed a deeper understanding of the emphasis and focus of each Module
  • All content (existing and new) is theoretically and practically worked on to deepen understanding and is also organised in terms of spiral dynamics and myofascia
  • Each day begins with a Masterclass
  • New exercises and variations

After the 2 days you will be able to apply the contents of the module after some practice and self-training.

With the BODYART Structure module you will be more confident in planning your BODYART classes. With a structured lesson profile, you always appear professional, self-confident and you can confidently keep track of your group. Your charisma and energy will be strengthened!

Target group:

  • For all instructors who have participated in many different BODYART Modules and would like to achieve a better clarity and understanding of the emphasis and focus of each Module
  • For instructors working in fitness clubs to bring structure to the "BODYART course planning" In other words: the structure (the standard) of all BODYART courses in the club are the same, only the exercises are individual.
  • Instructors who have recently completed the Level 1 training. You will get an overview of the BODYART world, learn an advanced structure and expand your repertoire of exercises.


BODYART Structure Zurich 2024

Location: Zürich / CHE


479,00 EUR (Normal) / 429,00 EUR (Early Booking, Valid until 08.11.2024)


07.12.2024 - 08.12.2024
Sat 11 - 17h
Sun 09 - 16h

Language: German


Pilates Zürich
Friedaustrasse 17
8003 Zürich