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Breast Cancer REHAB Breast Cancer REHAB

This workshop provides an in-depth look at how breast cancer patients can be helped to increase their self-confidence after surgery as well as during further treatments. A focused knowledge, about the need for exercise, its benefits, and the ability to motivate. A sense of restoring good mood and optimism, as well as communicating that every day is beautiful and great. RETURN to a new NORMALITY!

"The foundation for this workshop, developed through my own physical and mental experiences of my breast cancer illness. In addition, the content is based on my observations and studies done with a group of 15 women/breast cancer patients whose opinions I solicited, noted, compared and considered. Through my many years of work and experience as a trainer and BODYART Master Trainer, I use the learned knowledge of many different BODYART advanced trainings, as well as their most useful exercises and positions, to support and accelerate the physical and psychological recovery after such trauma.
The influence and basic knowledge of TCM, as well as the philosophy of balance of YIN & YANG (the pillars of the BODYART concept) give the foundation for a healthy body and mind, and for me, without a doubt, the kind of training that has brought back my HEALTH!"  Simona Niste

Contents (practice and theory):

  • 2 Master Classes
  • Basic knowledge of breast cancer
  • Different types of breast cancer surgeries and treatments
  • What happens in the body after breast cancer surgery?
  • Exercises that support and accelerate recovery after breast cancer surgery
  • The importance of breathing
  • Teaching didactics and pedagogy of a regenerative lesson
  • The structure of a lesson

Upon completion of this workshop, there is a better understanding of what happens to breast cancer patients after such trauma, as well as the ability to recognize and teach physical and mental recovery to those affected.

Target Audience:
All trainers and therapists who have and wish to apply a deeper knowledge and fine sensitivity to the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.