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ELEMENTARY | FIRE | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation ELEMENTARY | FIRE | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation


ELEMENTARY | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation

+++ Participation in this workshop is not valid for the extension of a BODYART license +++

ELEMENTARY is a #peacemaker therapy concept for self-help and external help, which promotes the regulation of body, mind and soul via the three major levels PSYCHE - STRUCTURE - BIOCHEMISTRY. The 5-EMELEMENTS-MERIDIAN-REGULATION enables the influence of body, mind and soul through mindful touch via specific points of the meridian system of Chinese medicine. 
Each element, with its season related to the respective transformation phase, has additional aspects that complement the treatment seminar. 

Seminar Host:
ELEMENTARY is presented by health coach, NEOS Award winner and Personal Trainer of the year 2017/2018, Alexander von Hausen aka Peacemaker.

Part 3 of the five-part seminar series deals with the element fire and the related systems of
heart and small intestine - pericardium and triple warmer.

The heart meridian aka energy pathway of the heart belongs to the warm season of summer and thus to the ELEMENT FIRE.
The mental power SHEN is assigned to the heart. It stands for the consciousness and the subconscious.
This mind power creates perception and the connection of emotions and learned things.
Sensory impressions, knowledge and emotions are stored and linked with newly learned. This creates life experience and new thoughts.
If we suppress our emotions or let them constantly circulate unprocessed and coupled to conflicts, our mental power SHEN becomes "clouded" and pretends a distorted view of reality.
The ancient wisdom classics of LING SHU even go so far as to say, "the cause of disease lies in inappropriate emotions."
Any form of suppression thus hurts ourselves more than others.
Touching the different points of the heart meridian in conjunction with a "conscious intention" opens a gateway to locked, stagnant and unfelt issues.

ELEMENTARY is designed as an intensive seminar within the framework of the 5-Elements-Teaching. In a "best of" fusion of Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage and Chinese Tuina, it is a tool and guide to action for the holistic treatment of structural and organic dysfunctions.

In addition to teaching and treating the meridians, ELEMENTARY also introduces the psychosomatic background of individual acupressure points and their respective structural and mental effects as a subject for teaching and learning.

ELEMENTARY bundles rich knowledge and experience into a treatment kit for daily work with emotional, structural and organic issues of patients, clients and oneself.

Target group:
ELEMENTARY is aimed at trainers, therapists and alternative practitioners.

Prerequisite: No previous knowledge necessary.

Duration: 2.5 days - 28 teaching units

Teaching language: German