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ELEMENTARY | WATER | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation ELEMENTARY | WATER | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation

PART 1 | Element WATER | organ pair KIDNEY & BLADDER

ELEMENTARY | 5 Elements Meridian Regulation

+++ Participation in this workshop is not valid for the extension of a BODYART license +++

ELEMENTARY is a #peacemaker therapy concept for self-help and external help, which promotes the regulation of body, mind and soul via the three major levels PSYCHE - STRUCTURE - BIOCHEMISTRY. The 5-EMELEMENTS-MERIDIAN-REGULATION enables the influence of body, mind and soul through mindful touch via specific points of the meridian system of Chinese medicine. 
Each element, with its season related to the respective transformation phase, has additional aspects that complement the treatment seminar. 

Seminar Host:
ELEMENTARY is presented by health coach, NEOS Award winner and Personal Trainer of the year 2017/2018, Alexander von Hausen aka Peacemaker.

Part 1 of the five-part seminar series deals with the element WATER and the related systems of kidney and bladder.

Everything is connected to Everything. Psyche and structure are intertwined and cannot be separated. Thus, the mind and soul can be influenced through the body and vice versa.

Below are two acupressure points discussed in the seminar, which give an idea of the great fullness and magic of body treatment:

The last point of the kidney meridian in the sternocleidomastoid angle has so many different effects e.g. parathyroid Mu point aka main parathyroid influence point.
I would like to point out especially its impulse function to be more careful with its reserves (in the "storehouse" of the body).
During the treatment and touching of the respective points as "spirit pillars", the respective specific life theme can be reflected with the client.
In addition to the pure feeling of the treatment, it is effective to integrate the respective life themes assigned to the transformation phase into the meridian treatment. The consciousness can be experienced and felt through the point in the body.

BLASE 28 slightly below the SIPS in the area of the 2nd sacral hole is one of the most influential points within the meridian and primarily addresses the organic level in chronic functional disorders.
A specific effect is especially sought here when urination is difficult- usually due to "frozen anxiety". 

ELEMENTARY is designed as an intensive seminar within the framework of the 5-Elements-Teaching. In a "best of" fusion of Japanese Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Chinese Tuina, it is a tool and guide to action for the holistic treatment of structural and organic dysfunctions.

In addition to teaching and treating the meridians, ELEMENTARY also introduces the psychosomatic background of individual acupressure points and their respective structural and mental effects as a subject for teaching and learning.

ELEMENTARY bundles rich knowledge and experience into a treatment kit for daily work with emotional, structural and organic issues of patients, clients and oneself.

Target group:
ELEMENTARY is aimed at trainers, therapists and alternative practitioners.

Prerequisite: No previous knowledge necessary.

Duration: 2.5 days - 28 teaching units

Teaching language: German


ELEMENTARY - Part 1 - Element WATER 2025

Location: Manching / DEU


599,00 EUR


10.01.2025 - 12.01.2025
Fri 15.00-20.00
Sat 9.00-18.00
Sun 9.00-18.00


Yoga-Studio in Manching
Sommerstra├če 19c
85077 Manching