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Holistic Diagnostics and Taping Method - Upper Body Holistic Diagnostics and Taping Method - Upper Body

Holistic Diagnostics and Taping Method - Upper Body

+++ Participation in these workshops is not valid for the extension of a BODYART license +++

SKT as a whole, as a modular training concept for pain therapy, is aimed at trainers, therapists, alternative practitioners & doctors who focus on the health and freedom from pain of their clients & patients in your work. 
Seminar Background:

SKT is a #peacemaker therapy concept for self-help & external help and combines classical taping with influences from applied kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine and advanced techniques. 
It serves to regulate pain in the musculoskeletal system and eliminate muscular imbalances. SKT has as an essential component the learning of manual muscle tests. In this way, weak points or states of tension in the system are identified & localized and, with the help of the measures taught, regulation is supported by the body's self-healing processes. 
SKT is a systemic method for the regulation of acute & chronic dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. The SKT method enables a new view of the mode of action of the tapes, which are used efficiently & effectively through permanent review and targeted selection.

As an intensive seminar series, SKT presents each muscle in detail in each of its modules, anatomically and in relation to the associated treatment levels. The functional testing of each muscle is practiced in detailed repetition by testing the different levels, thus enabling a sustainable practical experience beyond the respective seminar.

Seminar Host:
SYSTSEMIC KINESIOLOGY TAPING is presented by health coach, NEOS Award winner and Personal Trainer of the year 2017/2018, Alexander von Hausen aka Peacemaker.

Duration: 2.5 days - 28 teaching units per seminar part.