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inZENtive Breath Coach

Dive into the art of movement with the science of functional breathing and become a master in biodynamic breath work! Experience the powerful healing synergy as each breath and motion blend into a masterpiece of self-discovery.
Every emotion is connected with the breath. If you change the breath, you can change the emotion! inZENtive BREATH COACH combines biochemistry, the quantum theory and breath work into something very unique: biodynamic breathing. 

Be one of the first to experience this new concept. 

Free yourself and learn how to guide others in crafting their own symphony of breath and movement. The more conscious you are breathing, the more you have access to all of your emotions, to then be able to release, transform and heal.

You will first learn how to apply it all to yourself and as a next step how to integrate it in your own work, to teach it in your classes and sessions. And also knowing when to apply what. (before a session, during the class or afterwards).

For all classes there are specific and recommended breathing techniques what you will learn in this week.

The path of an “InZENtive Breath Coach” is more than a journey.

It's an awakening to a life of purpose, growth, and healing.

Join the tribe committed to self-awareness, longevity and the secrets of your body's wisdom.

The InZENtive BREATH COACH training will take you on a deep and transformative adventure, guiding others in crafting their own symphony of breath and movement.

The world needs InZENtive Breath Coaches – and if you ready, this is “your inner call”.

  • You will learn various breathing techniques and when to use them.
  • We will do breathing journeys with different topics every day.
  • And we’ll play. To make healing and transformation also FUN.

We can’t wait to see you!