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The Power of Expression The Power of Expression

+++ Workshop will be taught in German +++

We are very pleased to have Steffanie Riehm as a guest lecturer for our Health Academy! 

Language is one of the most important means to make oneself understood. During this two-day workshop, our guest lecturer Steffanie Riehm - yoga teacher, coach and facilitator - will teach you tools to bring out your own personality and external impact even more.

The whole art of language is to be understood. (Confucius)

Prerequisite: none

Duration: 2 days 

General Description:
Language is one of the most important means of making ourselves understood. Already in early childhood our sense of expression is awakened and formed. In order to compensate for deficits, insecurities/fears or to train a stronger feeling for one's own external effect, there are specific exercises which we will learn on this weekend in connection with yoga and meditation.

(practice and theory)

  • External effect & presence
  • Expression & language
  • Voice training
  • Self-confident appearance
  • Achieving goals
  • Free speaking
  • Understandable guidance of exercises/meditations
  • Difference between online & live teaching/performing
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity

Your benefit:
Discover and strengthen your very own personality to give your performance or teaching even more authenticity and depth.

Target group:
This module is aimed at all people who want to strengthen or optimise their expression and appearance. Whether as a trainer in class or for their own personal development.