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Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

Duration: 2 days

Requirements: International BODYART Instructor

More and more older people are health-conscious and physically active and are looking for suitable physical training that is at the same time challenging whilst also specifically tailored to their personal needs. This is exactly our target group, for our BODYART Best Age module. In BODYART Best Age, modified exercises/exercise sequences both from the Level 1 training as well as from BODYART Flow and BODYART Stretch, are combined with specifically designed Best Age exercises to improve strength, coordination, stability, balance, posture and thus the quality of life. For this target group that will also translate into a high level of transfer in everyday life activities such as climbing stairs, tying shoes, etc.

Learn the differences between a BODYART lesson and a BODYART Best Age lesson.
You will learn about the natural aging processes, and the common symptoms including back pain, arthritis, problems with tendons, ligaments and osteoporosis, high blood pressure, coordination and incontinence.

Every day begins with an extensive BODYART Best Age Masterclass (75 minutes).
All exercises in all energy phases are trained in practice (and in detail in theory). 

You will be able to teach a BODYART Best Age lesson that meets the requirements of the "older" generation and design and select exercises with customized modifications for your participant group.

The main goal and the greatest skill lie in the development of your verbal instructions and your personal support (regular, direct instruction and tactile support). Particular attention is also paid to the choice of music, the atmosphere and the abilities of your participants, which should never be underestimated. You will develop a detailed understanding of the natural aging processes and the associated modifications of the exercises.

Target group:
60+ healthy people (preventive)
Participants with restricted mobility
Participants for whom the classic (Strength) BODYART training is too challenging