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DEEPWORK - A gift of pure ENERGY

Teaching DEEPWORK is like freeing people form the "shackles" of their daily lives.

In four days of basic training, you will get to know the five energy phases and how to combine the unique exercises with energetic breathing. And this is just the beginning. You can continue to deepen your trainer expertise and knowledge with our special advanced training modules.

DEEPWORK combines  challenge with balance

Our muscles, our ligaments, our tendons, internal organs, emotions, our spirit - all that makes us whole - united in a Far Eastern approach, in movement and in rest.

DEEPWORK is a functional cardiovascular full-body workout based on the principles of polarity, of yin and yang. Every movement contains a tension and a relaxation phase. It is about creating a harmony between opposites. During the entire training unit, dynamic movements and static holding positions, cardiovascular exercises and functional strength exercises alternate. Our aim? To learn how the body functions fully in every dimension.
In DEEPWORK training, the background beats - deep rhythms and supporting percussion - help you to build strength, let emotions run free and reach beyond your personal limits.

Level 1

DEEPWORK Basic DEEPWORK Basic Riga 2021 MA%


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DEEPWORK is a functional, cardiovascular workout based on the principle of polarity – Yin and Yang and it is ‘easy to do’!

That is why it is so hugely successful and a staple in every fitness studio around the world. If you want to be a part of our motivated, passionate and energetic DEEPWORK Instructor Community then the DEEPWORK Basic education is the place to begin.
The DEEPWORK Basic education is divided into two modules of two days each. We allow for a period of approx. 4-6 weeks between the two modules, which is intended for training and practice. The education is very practical with masterclasses and group work combined with theory.

After an intense and inspiring two-weekend education, you are ready to teach your DEEPWORK classes!

What can I expect from the education?

Module I
Duration: 2 days
During the first training weekend, we understand the influences, foundation and basic structure of the different energy phases, the concept of Polarity, and teaching tools. Each day begins with a Masterclass and then working in groups or with partners we embed our learning in theory and practice.
By the end of this weekend, you will already have learnt half of the DEEPWORK Basic course content and will be given a finished “Masterclass” which you can use to practice and start teaching your DEEPWORK classes.

Module II
Duration: 2 days
The second training weekend focuses on practicing the main ‘training’ - Energy Phase 3 (part 3). This phase is much more complex and more demanding, and we take the time to learn this in theory and practice. Once you have completed this training weekend, you are "ready" to create a harmonious DEEPWORK training class and give your own DEEPWORK lessons.
In this second module you will also learn our compact 30-minute DEEPWORK Xpress concept.
As with the first module, the practical part is the main focus of the education.

Important to know:

  • The DEEPWORK Education requires you to have a good to very good level of physical fitness. A group trainer license is an advantage as is knowledge of dealing with music.
  • The basic education can only be booked as a complete package.
  • The course fee includes all training dates, a comprehensive manual with Visual support (online, QR Codes) to practice during the education. 
  • We offer the option of paying in installments.
  • It is possible to complete the training in two different locations. Permission should be sought from the BODYART School to do so.
  • Your DEEPWORK license will give you the right to teach DEEPWORK freely and without restrictions. No matter where and independent of any additional costs.


One time payment: 309,00 EUR
Payment in installments: 314,00 EUR

Payment in installments
  • 1. Installment 157,00 EUR
  • 2. Installment 157,00 EUR
  • Total price : 314,00 EUR
Payment in installments is only possible with the SEPA direct debit procedure. An invoice for the total amount is generated immediately upon confirmation of the order. The individual installments are always collected by SEPA direct debit 2 weeks before the respective module dates.


25.09.2021 - 26.09.2021
(Module I)

30.10.2021 - 31.10.2021
(Module II)


Dance School DZIRNAS
106, k2 Lāčplēša street
1003 Riga