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With the Health Academy (free academy), the BODYART School has taken a new, exciting direction.

The programs of our Health Academy are open to all trainers, therapists and fitness enthusiasts. A BODYART license is therefore not required to participate in a workshop, which is why the workshops cannot be a BODYART module for a license extension!

The Health Academy offers high quality topics that cover a wide range. The focus is on health promotion as well as the latest health topics and movement trends on the market.

With our workshops, you are guaranteed to be one step ahead of the market and open up new interest groups for your courses. Our program Holistic Personal Trainer and Coach -HPT- is already a leader in the field of personal training.

The Mobility Training and burn-OUT workshops are also important topics that are relevant for so many people. In the future we will also offer the already successful BODYART Kids module for trainers and pedagogues who do not have a BODYART license, as well as other exciting new programs.

Come with us into the future of health training! We look forward to meeting you soon in one of the Health Academy workshops.

Greetings from your Janni Giannikakis
Academy Director