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With the founding of the Health Academy (free academy), the BODYART School has taken a new, exciting direction.The Health Academy is open to all trainers, therapists, fitness and health professionals and enthusiasts. Our workshops and educations deliver the highest quality training in a broad range of subjects with the focus on health promotion and the most up to date health and movement trends in the market. For trainers and therapists, our program will guarantee that you are one step ahead of the market and create the potential for you to generate new interest groups for your courses.

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Come with us into the future of health training! We look forward to meeting you soon in one of our Health Academy workshops.

Greetings from Janni Giannikakis your Academy Director


Our flagship Holistic Personal Trainer and Coach education is already a leader in the field of personal training. We take Personal Training to the next level with an intensive, holistically focused education that combines fitness with Far Eastern Medicine to improve the physical constitution of our customers from both a performance and clinical perspective.


Mobility Training is one of the hottest topics in the fitness and training world. Our Mobility Workshop dives deeper into this fascinating subject and broadens our understanding joint mobility vs muscle flexibility. Mobility is the key word here as we combine knowledge of Myofascial lines with holistic breathing techniques to understand how to free physical restrictions and increase the range of motion and therefore performance.


With our innovative burn-OUT Workshop we adopt a holistic, body-centred approach to an issue that is relevant for so many people. The management of stress is one of the greatest challenges to our health that we face. Our focus is on how to help manage stress by employing the revitalizing forces of movement and breathing in combination with mental reflection processes.


The development in 2015 of BAX (now BODYART Xross/ BA-Xross) by Robert Steinbacher and Janni Giannikakis signaled a new direction in the fitness industry and delivered an ingenious training concept tailored to the needs and requirements of many trainers.
The intensive approach to training brought together two important components of physical training - concentric and eccentric control of the musculature, including the fascial structure. The development of a holistic performance training concept was successful, but the development did not stop there. Ongoing analysis showed that there was much more that could be changed and improved in the neuronal area.  With BA-Xross we have taken BAX training to another dimension.

Licenseed BODYART Instructors must book the same workshop as module and to extend their license here!

Important note:

A BODYART Licence is not a pre-requisite for attendance at our Health Academy workshops. The participation in Health Academy programs is not valid for BODYART License extension (except Ba-Xross, see details above).